The week has been short and sweet. Holiday, work, work, sister night, work, run, work, run... In between all the working and running, I was on the edge of my seat anxiously awaiting any trade deals made with the Phoenix Suns. Thankfully, our Amar'e is still wearing #1. In your face, Cleveland!

I need a weekend of nothing, unfortunately, it looks as if I'm booked until March. This weekend holds the company of good friends, both old and new, and my grandparents arrival from Georgia, whom I haven't seen since 2004. On Sunday, I'm hosting a party for the birthday blonde, which means cupcakes!

I have something new to look forward to: flying like Tinkerbell! This morning, I purchased two Groupons to Trapeze U in Gilbert ~ I always purchase things in two because sharing is just more fun. You can purchase the same deal I did, here. Offer good until Sunday, February 21st; a 2 hour training session and 6-8 flights for $39/ea {normally, $85}. Click the link to visit Trapeze U.

I heart February. I hope your weekend brings you goodness from every corner. Cheers!

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