TGIF {Well, It's My Friday Anyway}

The words have not yet been invented to express how much I love February. I more than love it, I lurve it! It's like there's a February Fairy out there that simply adores me and grants me glittery goodness all 28 days. It's the only time of year when everything seems perfect.

Let's recap my favorite Februaries from the last decade or so...

1982: My little brother arrived. I couldn't imagine life without him.

1998: MORP with my best girls and my boyfriend. All of my favorite high school memories involve Kat, Summer, and Brett, but MORP is my favorite.

2000: One month into college and I have already made at least one lifelong friend.

2002: 4 proposed. Yes, at the time it was a pretty fabulous February.

2006: A arrived on February 18th. Yup, my baby will be four next week. *tear*

2007: My first February officially single and one of my favorite Valentine Day's ever. D and I spent it at the Gila River Casino where I put a nickel in the nickel slot and won $112. I hadn't gambled before and I haven't since.

2008: I met S, another one of those, it was "fabulous at the time" February's.

2009: We celebrated A's 3rd birthday at Makutu's Island. It's one for the history books; a year later, she's still talking about it.

2010: A new adventure every weekend!

After what has been a very quick week {and we're hoping it slows way down manana}, I'm off to Seattle with my very best BEE in the morning! My first girls trip without my Mommy. Is that weird?

Since I'm accustomed to flying with my mom, this is the first time I'm in charge of the airline business {ssssh!}. The last time I flew without her, I was 27 and I went to California with C. He was in charge. So, being me, I spent a good chunk of time reading the airline FAQ yesterday afternoon; when to check in, how to check in, where to check in... I think it all checks out now.

I've also managed to impress myself, not with the airline duty, but with my lack of packing. I haven't even made a list or laid out complete outfits, which is typical Miss MO. Not this time though! This vacation is all about spontaneity; livin' on a prayer with a flask. I had dreams last night that I took a ridiculously large coat with me and airport security wouldn't let it on the plane. Of course, I hadn't packed my little coat {you only need one, right?} and that lead to a shouting match between us and them and then I woke up, an hour pre-alarm and chanting "Do not forget your coat, do not forget your coat, do not forget your coat."

I wish you all a happy weekend filled with laughter, life, and liquor and may you not leave home without weather appropriate attire. Cheers!

On Sunday, to those of you who have special Valentine, a very sparkly day to you and a very happy 98th birthday to Arizona! And on Monday, you may not be the president of anything, but I hope President's Day warranted a four day weekend where you whistle. xxoo

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