Seattle Synopsis

6:45am Day 1:
After saying good bye to our beds, our showers, our dogs, our people and after passing through security, B & I enjoyed a bloody mary breakfast at Sky Harbor, where the man next to us was carded for a Diet Coke. Good thing we remembered our ID's! First piece of advice I feel obligated to pass on, regardless of how many of you already know this: ALWAYS shower before taking to the skies. As you can see from the photo, someone forgot this little matter of business...

11:00am Day 1:
We landed in SLC and after sitting on the runaway for what seemed like an eternity, we finally got off the plane. What was originally a 45 minute layover, was cut short to 20 minutes due to the eternal runway pause. In less than 10 minutes, we found our new terminal, on the other side of the airport and decided the remaining 10 minutes was plenty of time to find the nearest double shot vodka diets. Down the hatch with less than five minutes to get to our gate, no problem. We arrive at our new gate, in the new terminal, and the electronic announcement board is telling us that our gate AND terminal have been the other side of the airport. 1, 2, 3, GO! We make a sprint for it, Home Alone style at full speed, with luggage, coats, and carry-on's, back to the other side and were the last ones to board. Some serious kudos go to B for completing the SLC Sprint in 4" wedges. Seriously! Our reward? Margarita's in the sky...

12:30pm Day 1:
We finally made it to Seattle! Our next challenge is to find the light rail system, Link, and the hotel. Magically, we manage to do both without asking for directions, without getting lost, without calling for help, and without tears. For a girl, who lacks a homing pigeon and was in charge of the map, I'm quite impressed with our navigation skills. Once checked in, we drop off our luggage and set out to find lunch and the next round...

We settled on fish & chips at the Althenian Inn at Pike Place Market. Mid meal, I notice something familiar and suddenly...

Sam {Tom Hanks}: What is tiramisu?
Jay {Rob Reiner}: You'll find out.

Sam: Well, what is it?

Jay: You'll see!

Sam: Some woman is gonna want me to do it to her and I'm not gonna know what it is!

Woot! So the first Seattle touristy thing we did?

Tom Hanks sat here

Rob Reiner sat here

After lunch, we hoofed the area for the rest of the day, stopping at the first Starbucks for a latte. I swear I'm made up of mostly coffee. My Lil' B is growing up; she drank more coffee in three days than she has in her entire life. I'm so proud!

Later, we have dinner and drinks at Pike Place Pub where we are vitcim to the worst attempted pick up. We enjoy the atmosphere and girl chat, convincing ourselves that we've made it if we can make it to 11pm PST. After, we drag ourselves back to the hotel and crash.

5:00am Day 2:Unfortunately, B and I have incredibly sensitive internal clocks that sound at daybreak, so we're up in time for coffee and a sunrise, sans the sun, on the rooftop deck. After ordering room service; a market fresh crab croissant for me and market fresh crab eggs benedict for B, we get ready and head out for more adventures...

After walking up and down the hilly streets of Seattle, leaving our DNA on the gum wall, treating ourselves to services at Vain Salon, walking the waterfront, shopping the antique stores, browsing local shops, and eating dinner at Umi Sake House; where we practically needed to be rolled out of, our last night in Seattle, was spent at The Alibi Room chatting it up with the local bartender and of course, drinking.

Day 3:
We woke up to another gray day and the smell of fish. We said goodbye to the world's worst mattresses, low water pressure, and the sunless city with plans to visit again soon.

It was a fabulous weekend filled with adventures, rain, new sights, and no plans; just two girls, a city, and a lot of consuming. Oh Seattle, damn you're tasty! When we weren't drinking, we were eating and when we weren't eating, we were walking and when we weren't walking, we were drinking and while we were doing all of that, we were falling in love with the city.

Thank you, Seattle, we will see you soon!

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