Case of the Mondays

Happy "Wednesday"! I don't know about you, but I had the laziest weekend ever...

Saturday morning was spent keeping house and getting the laundry under control - I swear it breeds itself when I'm not looking - and after spending some quality time with Mr. TiVo, I hit up Toys R Us and Target, finished my Christmas shopping, and spent the remainder of my afternoon at a lovely toddler birthday party. I also managed to squeeze in an early showing of New Moon, see the review in the post below.

With the house clean and the laundry put away, I spent Sunday doing absolutely nothing. I went to the supermarket, made some CD's, and picked up my knitting again. I would like to finish this scarf before Friday, so wish me luck! It was the best Sunday ever, only one thing missing. <3

I'm very much looking forward to my week and spending some extra time with my kids. I love Thanksgiving, short work weeks, the Macy's Day Parade, homemade pies and mashed potatoes, the smells, the clearance sales... and I love that I may finally get to wear my boots!

Cheers to a chilly outside, warm inside, satisfying week!

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