Case of the Mondays

Over the weekend, Mom, J, and I participated in the Alzheimer's Association 2009 Phoenix Memory Walk. What a great day! The weather was fabulous, the crowd was bigger than I had expected, and the 5k was good enough to conquer twice. Breakfast and nap ensued.

Sunday was more restful, even with my miniature softball team. I let the kids make up the day's schedule and we accomplished nearly everything we set out to. We ate breakfast, saw the Komodo Dragon's at the zoo {which, by the way, weren't as impressive as the zoo makes them out to be}, drove through the car wash, wrote letters to Santa, and learned about capillary veins and how blood travels using celery, food coloring, and water {big thanks to my favorite Super Mom!}.

The Over Hyped Komodo Dragon, Phoenix Zoo 2009

At the end of the day, after showers and baths, I had tuckered all three of them out enough to hit the hay at 7:30. All would have been still had E not gotten up four times to tell me she was too sick for school. If I hadn't invented that charade myself many moons ago, I might have believed the fake wheeze and drama queen-esque whimpering. It was a mostly quiet Sunday evening for mom, which is just what this mom needed.

However, the Emmy goes to.... drum roll please... E for her performance in the "I'm Sick" Act. That's the best faked illness I've seen yet. One of these days, lil' darlin', you may have me, but you'll have graduated college by then cause I'm mom and everything you're going to attempt, I did first. Don't forget it, my lil' Emmy winner!

There are seven weeks, including this one, left of 2009. I can't believe it. Cheers to an award winning week!

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