I'll be the first to admit that I haven't taken very good care of my things in the past and I attribute most of that to the constant wear and tear of toddlers, but as time passes, the kids are getting older and aren't coloring on the sofa, placing stickers on the grout, and painting the carpet with nail polish as much as they used to. There's a big difference between 18 months and 3 years as far as being destructive goes.

However, that's all about to change. To create my vision of a new home, I have been doing a lot of vintage shopping online, mostly on Etsy, and getting a thousand ideas for what to do and where to shop and the goal is to create a cozy, inviting, warm (not that we need more warm) little corner for my family. A place to relax and entertain simultaneously. Hopefully after flipping through a few home decor magazines and finding what makes me smile in the world of vintage home decor, I'll be able to ditch the Craig's List look I currently have going.

Since I've been peeping around, I have discovered I have an cooky crazy love for owls. Yeah, I know. Hoo would have known!? Before this weird thing for owls, I had something for toile and before that, spoons. I have a feeling that owls will be the main focus of at least one room, perhaps my bathroom; because owls definitely belong in the bathroom. And in case you're wondering, there are cute owls...

there are not-so-cute owls...

and then there are the owls that I like...

Happy 'hoo'ting for your own owl collection!

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