Cheery Chair Project Day 1

I decided to start with the kitchen and move into the family area, followed by the play area, guest bathroom, kids bedroom, and finishing with the master suite. Last night I started the first project of what will inevitably be many.

Dining room chairs. These chairs were a birthday gift from my parents five years ago. I think my mom found them in a resale shop. When I lifted the seats off and tore off the black and it-used-to-be white toile fabric I was used to sitting on, I was surprised to find at least three other layers underneath, all of which were absolutely hideous.

I completed the daunting task of sanding the chairs free of dried oatmeal, peanut butter & jelly, chewing gum, dried milk, and craft glue (Don't judge, I have three kids) and I smoothed them to the touch, readying them for primer.

I want the kitchen to be cheery and inviting. A place to drink coffee and do crossword puzzles, but also a place to host dinner parties. I wish I had enough room for a love seat and an end table.

I'm leaning toward creams and some very grown up citrus colors. Not the bright "pow" citrus colors that most think of, but not the citrus colors of the 70's either. I'd like to also hang additional shelving for my cookbook and apron collection, paint my wrought iron plate hanger, and get new plates.

Hopefully after a trip to JoAnn's fabric's this evening, I'll have a better direction... Wish me luck!

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