Case of the Mondays

Hooray! I finally have four re-created dining seats ready to host a slew of cabooses!

Just having these chairs painted a bright color added a whole new dimension of light in the kitchen. I absolutely adore them. Sadly, though, the kitchen remains a drab mauve, similar to a color you'd find in your nearest hospital.

However, the weekend was not a total bummer. I managed to finish the chairs, run some errands, bid and win a vintage percolator on eBay, and made a double batch of tasty enchilada's and my locally famous salsa for Father's Day.

Emma was diagnosed with the swine flu yesterday and the kids are staying at their father's house to contain the virus as best as possible. I'm already going crazy and can already tell it's going to be a really long, exhausting few days.

I hope everyone has a speedy week and I wish my E a speedy recovery!

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