TGIF, Folks!

The longest week in history is finally {almost} over. THANK GOD. If I haven't mentioned it yet, February is my most favorite month. There's always so much glittery goodness packed into 28 days and I can't wait to see what this month has in store for me. In the meantime, here's a glimpse of what it has in store for Green Apple Design...

600 envelopes. No, I am not sending out wedding invites on behalf of Prince William and Kate. I would though! Instead, I'll be hand addressing and stuffing more envelopes than one person should as a promotional 'pick-it-up' that will be received by beautiful brides-to-be all over the lovely {and currently chilly} state of Arizona. I am hoping this will generate a lot of loves of labor ~ doing something I love for people who are in love. Does it get much better? Probably not. My friends had better watch out though, I'll be calling in Team Missi for an "enveloparty" when my order arrives via FedEx this Monday {fingers crossed!}.

I have a month packed full of meetings with vendors and brides and grooms ~ oh my! From wedding professionals to those taking the plunge, thank you so much for giving me the amazing opportunity to work with YOU! Let's make this year ROCK.

Also on the calendar, professional head shots with Krista Campbell Photography! I'm so excited. Not only does it give me a great excuse to go shopping for myself, but also a reason to scour my secret antique store for an apple bushel basket. Wahoo!

So that's February for GrApple'D, as for me, I'm looking forward to eating a box of gamble chocolates with my kids on Valentine's Day, celebrating two special birthdays, an anniversary, and my heritage at the Annual Matsuri downtown. I may not look Japanese, but I assure you that my Ninja skills are inherited and impressive.

What's on your calendar? Happiest Friday, be sweet!

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